We like to prepare our clients before the day of their photography session, so they feel confident that they are putting the best of themselves out there for us to capture. Whether you are our client or not, we know how important your photographs and memories are, so here are some tips to make your next session an absolute success!


TIP 1:

go ahead, get a little fancy

We totally understand that you want to look like you, and not everyone out there gets dressed up all the time (or sometimes ever), but we are sure there are probably hundreds... if not thousands of awesome cell phone pictures of you in your everyday wear already in existence. This session is something special. These images will be cherished for years to come by those who love you the most, and will possibly be some defining images that serve as a record of this special time in your life. So we highly recommend raising the bar, and getting a little or lot more dressed up than you would typically for your regular day to day.


TIP 2:

hey ladies

Go ahead and break out your favorite dress and heels! Don't have any? This could be the perfect excuse to go shopping.. Hate shopping? Hello, internet searching awesomeness.

Seriously though, we personally are not always the biggest shoppers and don't necessarily have the fullest closets. However, we know that looking the part significantly maximizes the chance that we are going to love our final images. When you look good, you tend to feel good! So, we will search through the internet if that is what it takes, until we find that one outfit that makes us feel and look amazing... and you should too.

Do you really have to wear a dress and heels? Absolutely not. You can still dress up without wearing a dress or heels for that matter. With the right blouse, perfectly fitted jeans, and your favorite shoe selection... sometimes a dress should be left on the hangar. 

DSC_6759_X4j (1).jpg

TIP 3:

guys, this one's for you

A sports coat or a collared dress shirt does wonders. A classy structured jacket like a sports coat will not only make you feel more confident, but here's a little secret, it will flatter all guys every shape and size from every single direction... seriously. This look is a classic one, and will continue to stand the test of time over any current trend, and is completely diverse since you can pair it with suit pants, khakis, or (our personal favorite) nice jeans.

What if that is just not your style? Don't worry, we love unique. The trick to pulling off any look is to make sure your are polished. So, no matter how rugged the beard, make sure it is freshly trimmed. If you are rocking a T-shirt and jeans, just make sure they don't have any un-intended holes or stains on them, and if you could... please leave your ball cap at home unless this is a theme you are going for, or you just hit your first single on Billboards number one country hits (wink, wink). 


TIP 4:

look fresh

Doesn't if feel so good the moment you are stepping out of the salon or barber shop? It's that amazing fresh start, new do, and fresh cut feeling that gives us all a little extra skip in our step. Bring that! Come to your session fresh and feeling good, and take the extra time to pamper yourself a little more than usual. Not only do you deserve it, but it will help you shine with confidence in front of our cameras, and will make any intimate moments just a little more photo worthy.

What's our personal favorite pampering confidence boost? We don't know why, but fresh nail polish that coordinates with our outfits is definitely our fave.


TIP 5:

coordination is key

Have you ever scoured Pinterest to see what looks good together when it comes to outfits? Here is the big secret, do not go too match matchy, the key is to chose a color scheme and then to add accents of those colors throughout everyone's wardrobe. If you have a blue pop of color for instance, to tie everyone together you could use accents of that blue throughout everyone's outfits. Have two colors that you want to feature? Play with it and have fun! Little accents here and there beat matchy matchy any day of the week, and will help you look like you had your own personal stylist.

Worst case scenario? Send your photographer a picture of your outfits laid out. We totally understand, and love to help when we can.


TIP 6:

a little trick for the ladies... shhh

So we are going to just throw it out there that we are no stranger to the occasional body shaper undergarment when sporting a little more curve hugging garmets. A good way to look at a body shaper is like a "better than Photoshop" real life hack.

No matter what shape or size you are, there is no denying the value of a body shaper in smoothing out some not so wanted bugles on your sides or back that can happen when you are moving around enjoying being "in the moment." Seriously... it can happen to the best of us, so if you have thought about getting one, just know that we have been there too (and we think they are awesome). They will give you an extra boost of confidence, make you feel pulled together, and save you from asking your photographer if they can "fix" any little unsightly bugles on our favorite images. Best part, you can even find them at your local Target (come on, you know you love Target).


TIP 7:

you need your z's

The world will still be there tomorrow, so we give you permission... get your rest! We can't stress enough how a full nights sleep can impact photo shoots in the best way. As photographers we thrive off good moods, laughter, and happiness. So get some sleep the night prior, and we can't wait to see you the day of.


TIP 8:

preparedness leads to big smiles

Knowing where you are driving to, how long it will take to get there, how long it will take to get ready, and what the weather is going to be like, are just a few things you might want to plan before the day of your shoot. We try our best to always do the homework for our clients, but we always feel it is better to be on the safe side, so think ahead and don't forget that cold bottle of water on a hot day.  

Happiness and smiles in a shoot can easily be determined by being prepared for a lot of these factors, so do your prepping, and relish in the experience.

MEG_2109 (1).jpg

TIP 9:

relax, faith, confidence

What makes the most beautiful images? Hands down the secret ingredient is relaxing, having faith in your photographer's eye, and confidence in yourself. As photographers we can tell you that our most successful sessions happen when families, couples, and individuals just get into the moment and enjoy it. We know it can feel a little awkward to be in front of a camera, but remember to just take a deep breath, to relax, and to most importantly enjoy this time together.


Tip 10:

every session is unique

We just want to remind you that your session will be uniquely yours, and unlike any others. So, before you walk out of the house to meet us, take a moment and look into the mirror. Look at that beautiful face that is loved by so many, and is unlike anyone else's. We can't wait to tell your story in a beautiful way, and the result is going to be amazing, because the face you will see, the family hugging you so tight, the fiance kissing your cheek, or partner holding your hand in these special images, will all be your own. 


We hope you enjoyed this fun little read, and learned some great tips along the way. If you are in our area, we would love to connect, and if you are far away we hope you have an amazing shoot. Already booked us? Well, thank you for taking a few minutes to read through this. We can't wait to see you soon!