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“Exactly one month ago my family of 3 came together on a crisp morning to take pictures to commemorate my daughters one year birthday. Considering the circumstances, Megan took some REALLY AWESOME shots. 

You see my daughter is normally happy go lucky. She’s mad jovial and sweet and always smiling, but on September 10th we weren’t able to get too many smiles from her. Come to find out later she had hand, foot, mouth disease. She didn’t want to be held by anyone but me the whole day and she was pretty listless during her bday party... but that’s another story. 

I wish I would have known about Megan when i was pregnant because my maternity photos were somewhat of a bust. The only pics that came out great were the ones that I had ideas for (I look at Pinterest). We didn’t get a CD, no hard copies and she only had 20 total to edit. Just horrible. 

Megan was open to my Pinterest suggestions and she had some great ideas of her own. The location was perfect and worked well. We would have had a lot more great photos if my baby was up to it, but she did pretty good considering her condition. 

After the session Megan worked pretty fast in getting pics uploaded and edited after we gave her our choices. I like that she has a site for people to view by just entering an email ( I used this for my extended family) and then where I had to log in to choose what photos I didn’t want anyone to view as well as what pics I wanted her to edit. Paying online was easy. She did AWESOME with photo-shopping some pics where my hubby and I needed to be slimmed down some. Some of us ladies... and men need this from time to time. 

The hard copy photos she sent us were dope. They were in 3 different finishes and very high quality. Also the CD with our edited pics was exactly what we needed with a cute personal note. 

I appreciated her hard work, professionalism, but also how personable she was. 

I especially like the fact that she just kept snapping away to get those moments people like me really want. I HATE posy pics and she got a lot of moments where we were laughing and smililing at each other. Where my daughter was attempting to pat a dog that came up to her and also when my daughter was gazing out through the bridge. We got some dope photos forreal. 

Yes! 1000 times yes we will use her services again and again and again. For the price it was well worth it to have beautifully saved memories. 

Thank you Megan!”

Source: Yelp Charlotte
Author: Tieren S.